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Hold 1M+ of $SOLPOD to be entitled to sustainable revenue share and a range of various SolPod ecosystem benefits. 




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Revenue Income

At SolPod, our mission is to provide our 1M+ holders of $SOLPOD with sustainable and passive income along with additional ecosystem benefits.

Our sustainable revenue sharing model allows us to deliver passive income through the incubation of product lines pertaining to retail traders and what their needs are. 

Holders Club Benefits

Receive the following benefits automatically by simply holding 1M+ $SOLPOD tokens in any compatible Solana wallet.


Passive Income

Experience passive and sustainable portfolio growth through our revenue-backed $SOL rewards program. 


Service Fee Perks

Take advantage of preferred rates in service fees on any SolPod-incubated products and have access to early beta releases.


Alpha Group Access

Gain Alpha insights into, DEXs and unreleased projects from our trading team & vetted community members.

Revenue Sharing Model
Revenue Sharing Model
Instead of centralizing all profits within the company, SolPod distributes a portion of its products’ revenue share among a wider group of stakeholders (1M+ $SOLPOD holders), promoting a more community-driven business model – which sits at the very heart of what Web3/blockchain technology aims to represent.
Get started and start holding $SOLPOD to start earning!

Simply just buy 1M+ of $SOLPOD in any Solana wallet.

Our Mission & Roadmap

Sustainable Revenue
Sharing Made Easy.

Our mission is to provide value to $SOLPOD holders, starting with our flagship product Moonbags ($MBAGS). Sustainable passive income will be achieved through our SolPod-incubated line of products which aim to solve existing problems in DeFi and Web3 while also generating a revenue stream for holders.

Our first incubated product

What is Moonbags.App

Moonbags allows you to free up your forgotten capital by batch ​selling accumulated dead or unwanted ​tokens at market value!

5% of the 30% service fee goes to the SolPod dev team wallet to fund the passive income 1M+ $SOLPOD holders are entitled to.

SolPod Team

Meet our Team

SolPod was founded in April 2024 with a core team of 3 and additional team members for marketing/development.

Elian Rosswag


Sam Mosapor


Reza Dehghani

Strategic Advisor

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Contact us

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